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Below is some information and resources that you may find useful on your journey.

public service

Many of my clients are interested in joining the Australian Public Service. If you are totally new to the APS, start with the first link below for the fact sheets entitled "Cracking the Code".

The second link is a terrific resource with job listings including graduate opportunities. If you apply for an APS job, be sure and review the relevent Integrated Leadership System for the level you are applying for.


My blog has lots of tips and info too. Click HERE to check it out.

career change?

“What Colour is your Parachute?” by the late Dick Bolles, is my favourite self-assessment tool for anyone choosing or changing careers. Here’s the website:

other professionals

The Career Development Association of Australia is the professional organisation for career development practitioners, including myself.​

Get more info about qualified practitioners here:


My Youtube channel has a wealth of free tips and information that may help you prepare for your next interview.

Click here to go to my Youtube channel

Are you preparing for an SES interview? In 2024 I was a guest of fellow Career Coach Leonie Lam on her My Focus Inspire Me podcast. Click here for Apple or Spotify as we discuss tips for Senior Executive Interviews.

And in 2022 I was a guest on the Gradcast podcast. Click here to listen to my tips and tricks for candidates attending Graduate interviews and assessment centres.


Nervous about job interviews? Wondering about body language? Struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy's wonderful book "Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to  your Biggest Challenges" is a must read. You can check out her famous "wonder woman" TED talk here:

Why do you freeze in an interview? Why can't you think straight? Here's how to understand what's happening, and how to counteract it! The Science of Stage Fright and How to Overcome it:

Here's a great meditation from my professional colleague Leonie Lam to help you visualise interview success:

When you are feeling stressed, mindfulness can help calm you. Learn how here:

online presence

I recommend everyone have a LinkedIn profile, and especially a well chosen profile picture.

Check out these links:

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