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  • I’ve got an interview in 2 days! Can you help me?
    I realise that folks can be called to an interview at very short notice. Contact me as soon as you can, and I will do my best to meet your timeframes.
  • I get so stressed in interviews! Is there anything I can do to calm my nerves?
    This is such a common question! Few people relish attending interviews, and there certainly are strategies you can use to feel composed and confident. Careful preparation, including researching the organisation, anticipating probable questions, and having potential answers ready go a long way towards helping you feel organised and relaxed. We can also discuss specific stress management techniques and help you channel your nerves into positive energy. In my view, the best way to deal with pre-interview jitters is to have a dress rehearsal. It’s potentially one of the most important performances of your life; why wouldn’t you practise? My clients often report a great sense of relief and increased confidence after completing a simulated interview with me. I hope you’ll give it a go.
  • Can you guarantee I’ll get the job?
    There are many variables with any selection process, and it’s impossible for anyone to know what they will be. Positive outcomes that can result include securing the role, networking in the industry, and putting yourself in position for other opportunities that may arise. Even if you are not successful on this round, you will have gained valuable practise for future interviews. Don’t lose heart if you’re not the first candidate selected; it’s not unusual for the chosen candidate to accept another offer, or decide the role is not the best fit for them. You may well be contacted sometime down the track, especially if you’ve made a good impression.
  • Coaching sounds expensive, is it worth the money?
    Some better questions might be, what would the impact be on your financial situation if you got a job, or a promotion? Which expenditure is likely to make more impact on the decision of the interview panel; new clothes, shoes, and hairstyle, or an effective personal presentation? My rates are within the average range for professional career coaches. I encourage you to be a good consumer and shop around.
  • Will you give me sample questions ahead of time so that I can prepare the answers?
    No, as this does not replicate the typical interview process, and it's nearly impossible to know what a panel will actually ask you on the day. My aim is to get you ready to address likely themes that may come up based on the job and organisation. I will help you identify good examples from your work history and teach you a model that lets you adapt your examples to almost any question. That way you answer exactly what is asked, and don't have to try and retrofit a pre-prepared answer on the spot.
  • Someone I love is not able to achieve their potential because of interview worries. How can I help and support them?
    I get so many calls from parents and spouses asking this question. It's heartbreaking to see talented people stagnate because they dislike or fear interviews, or simply because they don't know what to expect. I suggest two support strategies; information and practise. You can assist by directing them to some of the websites that I have linked to on my website, to start gathering information about interview preparation. Brainstorm ideas about work examples that demonstrate relevant experience, and then help them practise answering mock interview questions. A dress rehearsal goes a long way toward helping folks feel confident! It's what I do with clients, and it works. Ring me; I'll be glad to help!
  • Can services from The Interview Coach be claimed on the National Disability Insurance Scheme?
    I am happy to work with candidates who are utilising the NDIS. Please ring me to discuss your particular situation, as reimbursement is varied based on your state of residence, how your package is managed, and your identified goals.
  • Why did I start an interview coaching business?
    As an assessor on hundreds of Australian Public Service interviews, I saw so many excellent candidates flounder. Folks struggle to manage their nerves, understand the APS process, and present themselves confidently at level. My background in counselling, sales, and as a workplace trainer has served me well to help more than 1000 candidates. Hearing their many success stories is the best part of my job.
  • Are you looking for standard answers to frequently asked interview questions?
    If you only want a baseline and broad approach, my service is  probably not for you. Working with The Interview Coach is a process personalised especially for you. I work with one candidate and one role at a time. I prepare bespoke questions  for each individual job. The panel’s task is to choose from a strong field who will bring the most value to the role and the organisation. My approach results in a tailored and compelling presentation that allows you to “sell yourself” confidently and be that candidate. Interview nerves rattle nearly everybody. With targeted preparation, practise, and helpful feedback you’ll go into the interview feeling calm and self-assured.
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