On track for a new job?

on track for a new job?

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Why interview

Most people find job interviews daunting, and this feeling is often heightened by lack of experience. We naturally feel unsure of things we have little opportunity to practise.


A job interview is a potentially life changing, high stakes event. How can you be sure you’re giving it your best shot?


With interview coaching, you can attend any interview feeling relaxed, confident, and well prepared.

I will guide you to:
  • Maximise professional impact with personal presentation, body language and rapport building techniques

  • Understand behavioural interviewing, anticipate questions and formulate winning answers

  • Plan for “tricky” questions

  • Gather vital information about your prospective employer

  • Ask the right questions

  • Keep your nerves in check with easy and effective stress management strategies

  • Practise and perform your new skills in a safe and supportive environment


Virtual Coaching during covid-19 outbreak

I am mostly working with clients via video conference or by phone at this time.

This assures safe physical distance and gives you the opportunity to practise your skills in the format that most interviews are using now.


Limited in person face to face sessions are also available.

who can benefit?
Are you:
  • Unable to perform at your best because you are frozen by nerves in an interview? 

  • Seeking a promotion in the private or public sector?

  • Looking for a coach with experience at any public sector level? e.g. SES, EL, APS

  • Considering a career change?

  • A native speaker of a language other than English?

  • Out of work after a redundancy?

  • Getting back into work after a period of caring duties?

  • A recent graduate or first-time job seeker?

  • A veteran with little formal interview experience?

Whether you have little experience with interviews, or just want to brush up your skills, interview coaching can help you!