• Lisa

The ILS: Tips for Talking Strategy

People ask me all the time; “Lisa, what do interview panels want to hear? What buzz words do I need to drop to get the job?”

I hate to disappoint you; I’m no better at mind reading than the average person, and I also don’t have a cache of magic words you can sprinkle into your interview answers to dazzle the panel.

Never fear; I can point you to a resource that is free, outlines what the Australian Public Service expects in behaviour across job levels and will satisfy what many employers desire in workers. Most employers, public and private sector, are keen to have staff who know what the organisation is trying to achieve, make decisions based on evidence from a reputable source, ask questions, solve problems, get stuff done on time, deal with change, work with each other, behave with integrity, and are able to get a message across, in writing or conversation. Want to know where to get some language around all of that? The ILS is for you!

I’ve written before about the Integrated Leadership System<