I'm Lisa Tozer, Career Coach. I specialise in Interview Coaching.

Why did I  start an interview coaching business? Please read on......


I had spent most of my career in sales and management when I decided to re-train as a psychologist, with a view toward working as a therapist. I have always had a strong desire to work in a helping profession, and as a friend of mine quipped, I was now going to “use my powers for good".  As my master’s degree studies continued, I developed a growing interest in career development and stress management, both of which were great areas of focus at the university counselling centre where I interned. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am at least as good at talking as I am at listening, so focussing on training instead of psychotherapy was a natural progression, which I put to use with various educational sessions for students.


Upon completing my master’s degree, I realised that everything I’d been taught to become a counsellor was very like what I’d learned as a sales person. The ability to build rapport, listen attentively and offer solutions to meet someone's needs were the same skills I’d used in both jobs.


Over the ensuing 15 years, I’ve blended my sales, management, training, counselling, and coaching skills in the roles I’ve had. Mostly I’ve worked as a consultative sales person, and as I progressed within organisations I served as a  trainer and coach for other salespeople too. The organisations I’ve worked for include one of the most successful companies in Australia and two Fortune 500 multinational firms.


Since 2015 I have worked exclusively in the career development field and as a workplace trainer. Here in Canberra I’ve served a variety of client customers in Federal Government, health care, and private industry. I’ve coached career transition candidates from entry level roles up to SES band 2. Nearly every client I've worked with, across industries and seniority levels, admit to at least some level of discomfort with the interview process. Despite their unique talents, folks struggle to define and communicate their attributes. In short, lots of people find it difficult to "sell" themselves. I realised an opportunity existed for me to use my unique skill set to help others, and The Interview Coach was born.

Something else that differentiates me from other coaches is the quantity of recent experience I have as an interview panel member. In recent years I have interviewed hundreds of public service candidates.These positions ranged from APS2 to EL2, with roles in finance, admin, law, IT, and management. I have recent experience coaching candidates  in a variety of agencies including the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Home Affairs, Health, Defence, Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Education, Skills and Employment, Prime Minister and Cabinet and Services Australia.

What this means for you is, I'm in a unique position to give you feedback based on the sizeable number of applicants I have seen, in real interview situations, across a wide variety of sectors, in today's job market.

 I hope you’ll check my LinkedIn profile for further details about my background, and I'd love to hear from you if you think I might be of help in your job search.

My Qualifications

  • Master of Science, Mental Health Counselling

  • Certificate IV, Training and Assessment

  • Professional Member, Career Development Association of Australia


I’m in a unique position to give you feedback based on the hundreds of applicants I have seen, in real interview situations, across a wide variety of sectors, in today’s job market.